Nutra-Sorb® K-Prime 0-0-25 Potassium Acetate Fertilizer

Nutra-Sorb® K-Prime 0-0-25 is a new type of liquid potassium that has significant advantages and benefits over other foliar-applied potassium sources. Unlike other liquid potassium sources such as nitrates, hydroxides, thiosulfates or carbonates, K-PRIME has a near-neutral pH and is not caustic or corrosive, resulting in safer foliar applications and less stress on the plant. Plants absorb potassium from K-PRIME in much higher proportions than from all other sources, including nitrates and sulfates. K-PRIME is actually a hybrid of an inorganic salt and an organic acid, making it a truly unique foliar fertilizer.

Far Superior to Other K Sources in the Amount of Foliar K Absorbed

  • 84% more than K-Nitrate
  • 81% more than K-Sulfate
  • 80% more than K-Chloride
  • 80% more than K-Thiosulfate

Product Information & Documentation
Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet: MSDS
Product Information Sheet: INFO